Toshio Hosokawa

For the Announcement of the 28th Takefu International Music Festival

We are very glad to hold the Takefu International Music Festival this year too. Based on the successful festival last year, we can invite great musicians and composers into the 28th festival for richer musical experiences. The theme of this year is the sequel of the last year’s “From Schubert to Contemporary Music”, thus we have programs from classical works of Mozart and Beethoven to the composers in Vienna around the late 19th and early 20th century such as Mahler, Berg and Webern. Young Japanese musicians will perform these rich compositions at our music festival. During their challenge a new music beyond our imagination about conventional music will born. In addition, we are able to invite a world-class violinist, Ilya Gringolts in this year. His first collaboration with Kei Itoh and other young Japanese musicians will give us great impression.

As for the Composition Workshop, we invite again a representative modern German composer Isabel Mundry, and hold lectures with her. She has a very intellectual and attractive personality, and she is also known as great teacher. Furthermore, Hitomi Kaneko from Japan, John Aylward from Boston/USA and other talented composers gather as faculties in Takefu.

We would also remember you that this year is the 100th birth year of Yun Isang, one of the greatest Asian composers. We have a mini portrait concert about him on his 100th birthday.

Please come to the Takefu International Music Festival and enjoy a creative atmosphere with flesh musical experiences!

Toshio Hosokawa (Music Directer of the Takefu International Music Festival)