Toshio Hosokawa

For the Announcement of the 30th Takefu International Music Festival

In the 30th anniversary of the Takefu International Music Festival, I sincerely thank the Festival Board and all the people who have supported the festival. I was invited in Takefu as guest composer first time in 1994. Since then, I have visited this festival without any break and been involved in planning the festival for recent 20 years. This deep relationship with the Takefu International Music Festival, having many challenges, has a significant meaning in my life and I have learnt a lot in these years. Meanwhile, Takefu became my second “Heimat”. I thank again for those who have supported and helped me as music director.

We present many French pieces in the 30th festival, while there is no strict theme. Instead, the entire program is based on the concept “which pieces will artists want to play?” Players with great renown such as Veronika Erberle (Violin), Edicson Ruiz (Double bass) and Kerstin Avemo (Soprano) appear in Takefu first time. Masato Suzuki, a great Japanese musician, also newly joins the festival and conducts the Festival Choir and Ensemble with his edited version of Mozart’s Requiem at the inal concert. As past years, our concert producer Kei Itoh presents young and talented Japanese artists.

For the composition workshop, one of the master composers Ivan Fedele from Italy hold lectures and lessons first time in Japan. In addition, many young composers who are very active in international music scenes will gather for the festival in this September.

Please experience the beginning of the new Reiwa era together in the 30th Takefu Music Festival and enjoy a wide range of performances from the classical to the contemporary music. Our motto “From the world to Takefu, from Takefu to the world” will go further!


Toshio Hosokawa (Music Directer of the Takefu International Music Festival)