Takefu International Music Festival (TIMF) is held every year in a local town Takefu (Echizen city in Fukui prefecture). Takefu has a rich history and culture, while its citizens also look ahead for the hometown. This festival is one of projects for Takefu’s future. To make the festival innovative and unique, Toshio Hosokawa, a worldwide famous Japanese composer of contemporary music, is appointed as music director. In addition, the festival has three concepts: “Vitalize the town”, “Develope citizen’s sensibility” and “Create the future”.

Vitalize the town
In order to manage the festival for more prosperous and attractive town, volunteers have organized the Takefu Music Festival Board. Under this civic initiative Takefu becomes full of music and visitors not only in the main hall of the festival, but also in the entire town.

Develop citizen’s sensibility
During the Takefu International Music Festival, musicians and composers with special talent come from the world and stay in Takefu. Those artists would fascinate citizens and improve their artistic sensibility. This kind of musical experience would also create a new world in their life.
Furthermore, the festival helps children to develop their humanity by giving the opportunity to listen various music.

Create the future
Under the motto “From the world to Takefu, from Takefu to the world”, the festival provides great performances and innovative compositions for the future. Many pieces were played as premiere in the Takefu International Music Festival and spread in the world. In this way, this festival has continuously contributed contemporary music which reflects our actual life and era. Takefu is trying to be one of the important creative places for music in the world.

With this concept, the Takefu International Music Festival organizes following activities.

Vitalize the town:The Festival holds concerts in several places throughout the city in order to bring music in daily life.


Concert throughout the city

Develop citizen’s sensibility:The Festival holds school concerts for children and gives them an occasion to listen live music.

School Concerts

School Concerts

Create the future :The Festival holds a workshop for composers and a summer academy for players. These seminars are important place for young musicians and their future.


Composition workshop

Summer Academy

Summer Academy

Main concerts at the Echizenshi Bunka Center are the key events of the concept and the activities above. The performance of world class musicians contributes the development of music culture in Echizen city, and various pieces from classic to contemporary music helps young people to develop their view of music.

Main concerts

Main concerts


About Takefu International Music Festival Board

Takefu International Music Festival Board is a non profit organization and its purpose is to hold an international music festival in order to develop arts and cultures with several perspectives in Takefu and Echizen city by international cultural communication.

It is one of the unique points that the Takefu International Music Festival is organized mainly by volunteer members of the board. If you are interested in our music festival, please contact us. We are looking forward to working with you for a great success of the festival!


February 1990 Started as Finland Music Festival’90 in Takefu. The festival was held in June.
March 1991 Finland Music Festival’91 in Takefu was held in May.
October 1991 Takefu International Music Festival Board was established.
1992.5.31-6.7 Takefu International Music Festival’92 was held. It became the annual activity ever since.
2001.6.10-6.19 Takefu International Composition Workshop was held. It became the annual activity ever since.
2005.8.28-9.7 Takefu International Summer Academy was held. It became the annual activity ever since.
(Awarded history)
March 1991 Narcissus Award
(Fukui Prefecture Organization for Culture Promotion)
November 1998 Culture Prize (Fukui News Paper)
February 2004 The Japan Foundation Prizes for Global Citizenship
March 2007 Keizo Saji Prize (The Suntory Foundation for Arts)

[Last update 21/4/2016]