Echizen City
Chamber of Commerce of Takefu

Official Supports
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan
Agency of Cultural Affairs of Japan
The Japan Foundation
Fukui Prefecture
Fukui Prefectural Board of Education
Fukui Prefecture Organization for Cultural Promotion
Fukui Prefecture International Association
Tannan Regional Association
Minami Echizen Town
Echizen City Bord of Education
Minami-Echizen-Town Board of Education
Echizen City Council of Culture
Echizen City Tourism Association
Fukui Newspaper
Fukui Broadcasting Corporation
Fukui Television Broadcasting
FM Fukui
Tannan Cable Television
Magazine URALA
Tannan FM79.1MHz
Echizen City International Association
Japan Society for Contemporary Music
Fukui Prefectual Brassband Association
Fukui Prefectual Choir Association

Foundation of Arts and Culture Promotion
Rohm Music Foundation
Art and Culture Foundation of Mitsubishi UFJ Trust Bank
Nomura Foundation
Asahi Shinbun Culture Foundation
Arts Support Kansai


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