Takefu International Music Festival Board
2-3-3, Takase, Echizen, Fukui,915-0832, Japan
Tel:+81(0)778-23-5057 / Fax:+81(0)778-21-0975

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By Japan Railway
3 hours and 20 minutes from Tokyo Station.
1 hour and 40 minutes from Osaka Station.
1 hour and 50 minutes from Nagoya Station.
1 hour and from Kanazawa Station.

From JR Takefu station, 15 minutes walk to the Cultural Center.

By airplane
Haneda-Komatsu (1 hour by airplane)
Komatsu-Fukui (1 hour by bus)
Fukui-Takefu (20 minutes by train)

By car
7 hours from Tokyo through Tomei, Meishin and Hokuriku expressway.
2 hours from Nagoya through Meishin and Hokuriku expressway.
3 hours from Osakathrough Meishin and Hokuriku expressway.
15 minutes drive from Takefu IC to Echizen City Cultural Center.

[Last Update 11/4/2016]