Takefu Interntional Music Festival needs both physical and financial supports.

■If you could support us physically as a volunteer member, please contact us.

■If you could support us financially, please fill in the form of “Contribute” below and send it to us.



Tickets of Festival 2019 are available!

Now you can purchase tickets for the Takefu International Music Festival 2019!
Please check our discount offers!
– Passport (you can listen all main concerts): 15,000 yen
– Coupon tickets for six main concerts: 15,000 yen
(While the passport is aimed for one person, you can use coupon tickets more flexible. F.e. you can use them for six different concerts, or you can visit one concert with five friends!)
– pair ticket for one concert: 6,000 yen
– Student Passport (you can listen all main concerts as student): 5,000 yen

Cancellation of appearance of Serge Zimmerman at Opening Concert

Due to physical condition of the performer, we have to cancel the appearance of Serge Zimmerman (violin) at 9/9 (Sun) 15:00 Opening Concert. With this sudden change, we are very sorry for the audiences who were looking forward to it. Instead of Serge Zimmerman’s performance, Gen Yokosaka(vc) and Tomoki Kitamura (pf) will perform Debussy: Cello Sonata D minor. Thank you for your understanding.