【Announcement of player changes】

Due to a family issue, Mr. Mario Caroli can’t travel to Japan. Instead of him, Mr. Ryuji Masumoto, a student of Mr. Caroli, will participate in the festival. And the flutist Yoshie Ueno will also perform for Mr.Caroli.
Here is the list of changes by this cancellation.

Ryuji Masumoto
(4th Sep. Opening Concert) Takemitsu:Voice (Instead of Gervasoni’s Ravine)
(9th Sep. Toshio Hosokawa and his friends) Gervasoni: Due poesie francesi di Beckett & Luca
(11th Sep. Takemitsu Memorial Concert) Takemitsu: Air, Toward the Sea
(11th Sep. Final Concert) Schubert: As-Dur Messe

The master class of Mr. Caroli is cancelled too.

In addition, violinist Ms. Akiko Yamada plays only at the opening concert due to her illness. The other pieces planed with her will be performed by her younger sister Ms. Tomoko Yamada.

We apologize for this inconvenience, and would like to ask your understanding. Mr. Masumoto and Ms. Tomoko Yamada are also excellent players, so we wish you would enjoy their music.