Program Notes for the New Horizons II Concert (9. Sep.)

Noriko Miura : Fall
(OISHI Masanori/saxophone)

The piece’s title, “Fall” which has the meaning of “falling” “fallen leaves” or “autumn” is taken from a poem by Ryuichi Tamura. Mr. Tamura tells us that just as the leaves of a tree fall to the soil and eventually return to the color of the soil, our souls should also fall toward the horizon at night, trembling in the sunset. A world of sleep where all living things fall. Due to the providence of nature, which humans cannot fathom, the leaves of the trees suddenly fall.
This work is composed of repetitions and combinations of fragmentary motifs representing the swaying of leaves (or the trembling of our souls), dancing, falling, sleep, etc., but it is random and improvised. When I suddenly looked around, I saw that the soil had turned to asphalt, and the leaves of the trees had lost their soil and turned into garbage. So, in modern times, does the world of sleep that Tamura speaks of to which we should return really exist? (Noriko Miura)

Andrzej Karałow : Florenscene
(HOKAMURA Risa/violin, MIZUNO Yuya/cello, YAMAMOTO Junko/piano)

Florescence was created in 2018 for the LABO workshops in Montreal, during which the premiere also took place. The narrative of the composition develops organically, i.e. its entire musical structure grows from the source – the initial sounds, one idea, naturally, like a plant. The structure is based on aleatoric segments but governed by specific rules. Individual parts/instruments, approached linearly, constitute uniform sonoristic and melodic structures. In order to create a coherent sound ‘organism,’ it is important to integrate them in a colour context based on a synesthetic system of pitch. The formal – but also based on synesthetic associations – draft of the composition was created in the form of a digital artwork. (Andrzej Karałow)